34 years

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34 years ago……February 15, 1986, the day that changed my life forever. It is difficult to grasp that 34 years have passed since finding my mom’s body in the garage. February 15 is always a difficult day for me. It is true what they say that time heals many things, but it doesn’t ever heal the loss of a loved one. That stays with you for a life time. It does change over time though. You are able to fill your heart with joys, laughter and happiness most of the time. But, for me at least, once a year, I go back to that day, a day that I so vividly remember and feel a much less intense sadness, but sadness nonetheless. I thought that this photo was fitting to share since it is the very first photo that I created as I began to explore using photography both as a therapeutic tool and a form of expression.

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